Calcium Carbonate for Pharmaceuticals Industry in India

Calcium Carbonate for Pharmaceuticals Industry

Precipitated Calcium Carbonate ( PCC ) is an innovative product derived from lime stone, which has many industrial applications. PCC is made by hydrating high- calcium quick lime and then reacting the resulting lime slurry with carbon dioxide.

The resulting product is extremely white and typical has a uniform narrow particle size distribution. PCC is available in numerous crystal morphologies and sizes, which can be tailored to optimize performance in a specified application.


Precipitated Calcium Carbonate is used as a Calcium source in Pharmaceutical Industry such as Tablets and efficient antacid neutralizer. The elemental calcium brought into the body with each dose meet the daily calcium requirement that contributes to healthy bones and help to prevent osteoporosis. It has Calcite and Aragonite structure with different particle size distribution and apparent densities.

Calcium Carbonate for Pharmaceuticals Manufacturer in India

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