Manufacturers of Chemicals

Kunal Calcium is the leading Manufacturers of Chemicals in India. With CaCo3 as its formula Calcium Carbonate, IP is a chemical compound. Typically it is got in rocks around all the elements of the earth. It is the dominant component of exteriors of marine animals like pearls, snails, coal balls and eggshells.

This chemical is used primarily in the industry is mined or quarried. Pure chemicals used in pharmaceutical or food is composed using a purified yanked origin (commonly marble).

Alternatively, it is composed using calcining raw calcium oxide. H2O or water is combined to supply calcium hydroxide, and then carbon dioxide is yielded through this practice to precipitate the anticipated chemical, symbolised as calcium carbonate (CaCO3) in the Chemicals industry.

Features of Chemicals - Highly efficacious, Rigorously formulated, Precise configuration

Typical Chemical Analysis of All KC Grades of Manufacturers of Chemicals in India
Properties Values Properties Values
Colour Bright white Arsenic (as As) Less than 2Ppm
Specific gravity 2.65-2.75 Chloride (as Cl) Traces
Solution in 5N HCL Clear Floride (as F) Traces
Soluble Alkaki (Na2O) 0.15% Phosphate (as PO4) max. 0.10%
PH 9.3-10.3 Sulphate (as SO4) max. 0.16%
Loss on Drying (at 105 c) 0.5-0.8 Silica (SIO2) max. 0.05%
Iron (as Fe) max 0.02% Matter insoluble in 0.10%
Manganese (as Mn) max 0.003% Hydrochloric acid max. 0.5%
Lead (as Pb) max 5Ppm Magnesia (as MgO) max. 0.05%
Copper (as Cu) Negligible Calcium Carbonate (Min) 98.5%

Packaging of Chemicals - PCC is packed in 25/50/500 kg inner liner HD/PP Bags. It can also be customized as per individual Customer's requirements.